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Integrating Conservation & Community 

sagu_exp_by_mv-altered_compOur mission is to protect the natural resources of the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park, the Rincon Valley and the Cienega Corridor by:

  • Promoting environmental education;
  • Conserving open space;
  • Encouraging economically viable and thoughtful development, and;
  • Fostering a sense of community that supports the area's unique cultural heritage.  

The Rincon Institute works to integrate community and conservation.  We believe that through environmental education, private and public land conservation, and scientific assessment the land, water, and wildlife of the Rincon, Vail, and Tanque Verde valleys can be preserved and protected so that future generations can appreciate and benefit from the natural heritage, beauty, and biodiversity of this region.

Rincon and Tucson Mountain Districts' expansion of Saguaro National Park will protect high priority

Grijalva Introduces Bill to Expand Saguaro National Park Boundary: Rincon and Tucson Mountain District expansion will protect high prioirty conservation areas. This House Bill Proposes 975 Acres to Protect Rincon Creek and Link Sweetwater Preserve.  

News Updates
Saguaro National Park Seeking Volunteers for the 2010 Saguaro Census
Saguaro National Park is seeking volunteer individuals and groups to conduct our 2010 Saguaro Census from October 2009 through April 2010.  The park counts and measures saguaros every 10 years to assess the health of our population.  After declining for many decades, Saguaro populations in the park's Rincon Mountain District began to rebound in the 1970s, and these younger saguaros are continuing to grow towards adulthood.
Urban Interface Project: A Partnership with Saguaro National Park

The Urban Interface Project is a new collaboration between the Rincon Institute and Saguaro National Park.  Together, we hope to continue to protect the park’s invaluable resources by increasing outreach to the park’s residential neighbors, involving them in naturalist outings, volunteer events, and a revitalized ParkWatch program.