Countries With the Best Education Systems in the World

Education is of great importance to both an individual and society. The education system helps one understand civilization, and countries have different education systems based on their geographical region and the system’s effectiveness. Here are some of the countries with the best education systems.


Finland values education and has taken time to build a robust education system with students attending school for only 190 days in a year. Students are allowed to choose an education path of their own. Primary education begins at age seven. Secondary school is split into general and vocational education. Higher education in Finland is divided into institutions of applied sciences and universities.


Japan has been ranked among the top countries with the best education systems in the world for three consecutive years. Japan’s system focuses more on children between the ages of five and 14. The country has registered excellent test scores from both high school and graduate students.

South Korea

South Korea has worked hard to bring immense development to students between the ages of five and 14. South Korea settles for the third position due to its lower test scores in high school and graduate students when compared to Japan.