Differences Between United States and European Education Systems

There are significant differences between the European and the US education systems. They have different styles of teaching and curriculum. The ultimate goal of the education system also differs. Here are some differences between US and European education systems.

Time Management

In Europe, the average time between lessons is about 15 minutes. Whereas in the US, the average gap between periods is around four to six minutes. American students are supposed to use this time to run errands at the office and take a washroom break. European students have a long break where they can grab a snack, use the restroom, and hang out.

Class Venues

In Europe, students do not move from one room to another when attending a class. Instead, it’s the teacher’s move when attending lessons depending on the student’s grades. In the US, students are required to move from classroom to classroom to attend classes.


Tests in European countries are more complicated compared to those in the US. Students in the US take tests such as SATs, AP, and ACT’s which are student-friendly.


European schools do not get involved in sporting activities as much as American schools. European students have to join a community club if they are interested in sports.